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SMSF's Second Annual New Family Reception

The San Marino Schools Foundation (SMSF) hosted its second annual New Family Welcome Reception on September 13th, 2018 at the Old Mill in San Marino. Approximately 130 people attended this annual welcome party, which serves as a way for new families to get to know one another, District administration, and SMSF.

Christopher Maling, SMSF’s President, addressed the crowd by welcoming all the new families and emphasizing the importance of the Foundation and its role in maintaining SMUSD’s academic excellence and San Marino’s thriving community. He elaborated by saying, “We are the outlet between the schools and the community. The result of support is all at the students’ benefit, but also the community benefits because a great school district directly results in higher property value.” He concluded with the poignant message that, “San Marino and the schools are like a family, it needs support from everyone within the family to stay strong. From everyone at SMSF, we officially welcome you to the San Marino family.”

A big thanks goes to the Special Recognition and Event Chair Michele Canon for helping put together and plan this event.

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