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Give The Gift of Hope!

The San Marino Schools Foundation (SMSF) approved and presented a grant of $1 million to the San Marino Unified School District. This $1 million represents SMSF's first installment of our commitment to empowering excellence in our schools and students. Thank you to the families and community members who made this $1 million possible!

The Foundation's work is not over. Nearly 50% of our teachers are supported by local sources, including SMSF. We need our community’s help to come together and support our schools and students to receive the best education possible.

One tax-smart way to give to SMSF is through stock donations. As we emailed last week, the stock market continues to close at record highs for all three major stock indexes. It is also estimated that by donating stock directly instead of selling and donating the profits to charity, you actually give 20% more because there aren't any capital gains taxes. That is more dollars to fund teaching positions. If you plan to donate stock, start the process today to ensure that your donation is recognized this calendar year. The process takes a few days, and even longer as more people submit requests as December 31st nears.  

Remember that no matter what means you decide to donate to SMSF, by doing so before January 1, 2021, you will receive additional tax benefits laid out by the CARES Act.

Donations of any size and means help fund full-time teaching positions, keeping class sizes small for personalized attention to our students. These full-time teaching positions are teachers who are working with our students right now, helping them learn in this virtual environment. They will be there to help transition students once in-person learning is back. These are the teachers who help set up our students for success in both their academic journey and in life. Donations, of any amount, give hope and help empower excellence in our schools.

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