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Support SMSF Before July 1, 2019!

We are less than two weeks away from the end of our 18-19 fiscal year, and we still need everyone's help to reach our $2 million commitment for teachers. As of today, we are still $66,075 away from our goal of $95,000 raised for June. 100% of the donations given to SMSF go directly to positively impacting all four San Marino schools. Donations raised by SMSF funded 21 full-time teaching positions at each school. This helped keep class sizes reasonable and educational programs thriving.

Donations help ensure that SMUSD continues to provide and students continue to receive the excellent education expected in San Marino. Due to low state funding, SMUSD relies heavily on the support of local donations and funding sources, including SMSF, the PTA, and both Parcel Taxes. 

You can make a difference in a child's educational journey. Donate to SMSF today by either giving online, calling the Foundation Office at 626-299-7014 and donating over the phone, or by mailing in a check to the SMSF offices located at 1665 West Drive. 

Thank you for your support and consideration.

Ambassador Business Partners

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