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Donor Login Feature Now Available!

Take Advantage of Our Donor Login Feature!

Have you ever needed a tax letter right away?

Have you ever wanted to check your giving history without needing to call the Foundation office?

Have you ever moved and needed to call us to tell us your new address?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we are excited to announce our new donor login feature! This feature will allow you to log in and view your very own personal record within our database. When you create an account, you have access to:

  • Tax summaries from this year and past years. These tax summaries are printable and available at any time.
  • Your total giving information for your family including past donation information, current donation information, past pledge information, and more!
  • All your contact information that you can update whenever convenient for you. No more needing to call the Foundation office to let us know you have moved!
  • Your credit card information, so if you are a recurring donor and your credit card is expiring you will be able to update it on your end instead of having to call the Foundation office.

Creating an account is simple and quick! All you need to do is click the sign-up button on our donate page (please see the photo reference below) or the donor login button on our main website page (please see photo reference above), create your own username and password, and you are all set!

Please note that due to donor profiles now being hosted under individuals rather than couples, donation records could be hosted under one profile or split between both. Because of this, past donations, depending on who made the donation, may appear in only one individual profile. If you would like to change the main record holder for your household's past gifts, please call us at 626-299-7014.

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