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Matching Gifts Overview

Did you know that the San Marino Schools Foundation is eligible to receive company matching gifts? During the 2016-2017 fiscal year, SMSF received over $100,000 in matching gift donations alone. Over 18 million people work for companies with matching gift programs, and most don’t even know it. This means that $6-$10 million goes unclaimed per year.* Why should YOU be interested in your company’s matching gift program?  Matching gifts allow donors to double their donations throughout the year, resulting in more money raised to benefit our San Marino students.

How do matching gifts work? First, you must find out if your company participates in employee matching gift programs. You can either ask your HR department or view this online list (link). From there, your company will walk you through the proper steps to get the matching gift process started, typically starting with your filling out a matching gift request form. Once that is completed and is turned in to the proper channels, your company will reach out to SMSF to confirm the gift. Finally, SMSF confirms the gift and your company approves that matching gift and sends the donation to us. It is that easy! For more information on employee matching gifts, click here (link) or speak with your company. Every dollar raised goes to keeping our SMUSD schools and academics excellent!


*Double the Donation,

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